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Budget hotels in Gangtok

Overpriced budget Hotels
Hotels in Gangtok and around are overpriced and shabby to the rooms and the amenities provided by them. Heating is essential in winter. Some budget hotels charge extra for heaters. Avoid staying at budgets hotels operated by Bengalis, as they are extremely noisy and stinking dirty. Discounts Jul-Aug. Dec-Jan.



Hotel Alankar
D.P.H. Road, Gangtok

Hotel Asian Heights
Kazi Road, Near Assembly Hall, Gangtok

Hotel Deorali
NH 31 A Pani House, Deorali, Gangtok


Hotel Hungry Jack
31A, NH Gangtok
Hotel Dew Pond
Palzor Stadium Road, Gangtok
Hotel The Gochala Inn
Above M.G. Marg (Kazi Road), Gangtok
Hotel Karden
P.S. Road, Near SNT Bus Stand, Gangtok

Hotel Marigold
31 / A, NH, Near Old Pvt. Bus Station, Gangtok

NamGyal Home Stay
Metro Point, Tadong, Gangtok
Sikkim Regency
NH 31 Deorali, Gangtok
Hotel Polok
Arithang Road, Gangtok
Hotel Siljong
D.P.H. Road, Gangtok
Hotel Superview Himalchuli
Zero point, 31-A, National Highway, Gangtok
Hotel Yatung
Nam Nang Road, Near Kyi-de-Khang School, Gangtok
The Crown Plaza
Near Ruchi Diagnostic, Telephone Exchange, Gangtok
Hotel Nagbeli
P.S. Road, Gangtok