Gangtok is a center of Tibetan Buddhist culture and learning, with the presence of several monasteries, religious educational institutions and centers of Tibetology.

Gangtok is a hub of commercial activity. The drive up the Teesta gorge to this prettily located first town of Sikkim is spectacular. Located in the eastern district this primary seat of governance and hub of commercial activity is the base for explorations into some of Sikkim's most alluring features. read more

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Memorable Experience: The Mountain Walk
There are some lovely walks around the capital. Tashi Viewpoint via Enchey Monastery is 9km away. Go early to watch the sun rise over the Khangchendzonga range. Hanuman Tok, a hill with a small temple, 8km away, is another viewpoint. (Recommended)

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There are countless small eating places serving local fare, apart from Continental and Chinese. Be adventurous and sample local fare instead of playing safe. At for what to drink, there's rarely a restaurant in Sikkim - it's always a 'restaurant cum bar'.
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Plunge into the plethora of hand-woven carpets with traditional and modern designs, thankas, Lepcha weave bags, purses, woodwork, Sikkimese dresses, large cardamoms, caps, scarves, jewellery, Sikkimese spirits & liqueurs.
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Places to See
Perched at a height of 5500 ft, Gangtok 'top of hill' lures visitors with its fabulous views of magnificent Mt. Khanychendzonga. with  Its strategic location, a strong Buddhist presence and heady cultural offerings are a tempting insight into this stimulating land.
Flower complex
Flower exhibition are organized round the year at the Flower Show venue near the White Memorial Hall complex, Gangtok
Worth a Visit
With a dough made from rice, water, milk and sugar, the fried pretzel-shaped rotis are served with spicy potato curry or pakku (Sikkim's mutton curry). Good chance of sampling it during festivals like Losar.
No visit to Sikkim is complete without a tumbler of chhang, the popular local beer made from fermented millet (the word actually means 'home-brewed' so there are variants made from rice, maize, wheat and cassava).

Preserves & Pickles
The Sikkimese love to spice up their simple meals with piquant or hot pickles. Jhekar, a chutney made from fiery red or green peppers (called dallay) that grown in the mountains. Milder but with a tart  flavour is lap se chutney, made of sour wild berries, while for a tangy touch, there is dho-tender bamboo shoots in mustard oil. Immensely popular is chhurpi, a fermented, dried cheese prepared from cow or yak milk. Fish, chicken and pork pickles are also favored.

The liqueurs produced by Sikkim distilleries are delicious and make great gifts. Go for old favorites like creme de menthe, or try spicy ginger and cardamom . try the paan liqueur, which comes in a betel leaf shaped bottle.
Ningro is a fern that grows in the mountains, and its tendrils are delicious when sautéed with chhurpi. A household staple, ningro chhurpi is not widely available in restaurants, but if you choose a home stay, you can usually sample it.

Dragon Jewellery
Although not many are aware of it, Sikkim produces some truly exquisite jewellery. Most notable and unique to Sikkim are the 'dragon sets', usually crafted from silver and gold. Often inlaid with precious and semi precious stones, the design essentially consists of coiled dragons on earrings, pendants and rings.
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